Sustainable use

Used steel products for a circular economy: STABAU encourages its customers to make use of our available “circular” steel products. Fast, economical, hassle-free.


We are a supplier of steel products used for construction projects in foundation, road and marine works. STABAU is supplying it´s products globally. We have a stock of over 50,000 tons of new and used steel products.


By deciding to rent you can be even more flexible – you will have significantly lower costs, short delivery times and uncomplicated service.

Sustainable use and efficiency in the steel industry. STABAU

The STABAU company is a specialist when it comes to supplying the highest quality of steel products used for construction projects in foundation-, road and marine works. With a stock of over 50,000 tons we are able to deliver steel to customers all over the world. We do not supply only new products but offer our clients also the GREEN STEEL solution based on the use of used steel products. We provide comprehensive services and advice on the use of our products. We make fast deliveries. We have been operating all over the world for over 25 years.