This would be
too short for us.

The Great Wall of China, 21.000 km long, is the largest construction in the world. We pace 57 times this number of kilometres each year getting to your construction site.

We like to play
football too.

We own a storage area of the size of 26 football fields however it is being used as a storage for our steel construction products.

We also have
in stock.

We could supply the Eiffel tower more than 5 times over since we stock over 50.000 tonnes of steel in various steel grades and shapes at our company´s premises.

More than steel. STABAU

For every construction project, whether it is a large industrial site or a house assembly, it is essential to ensure a smooth cooperation between all engaged parties. Delays lead to extra expenses and are always costly. Reliability has therefore a paramount importance to us when working with our customers. These are not just empty words: we ensure that we have in hand all the steel, our customer requires. With more than 50,000 tonnes of steel on stock, we are able to deliver on time.