Supporting panel walls

In addition to steel sheet piles supporting panel walls are frequently used in the groundwater-free area for excavation pits. Supporting walls consist of vertical support piles as

and infills made of wooden planks or trench sheets. The supporting piles are installed vertically at a distance of up to 3.50 meters into the ground by hammering, vibrating or setting into pre-drilled holes. When setting into predrilled holes the support piles often receive a welded foot plate. The supporting piles generally have a length of 6 to 18 meters.

Supporting panel wall with infills made of horizontal wooden planking

Supporting panel wall with infills made of vertically trench sheets

STABAU founded on steel stocks the often used wide flage beams of the HEA, HEB and HEM series and carries out all welding work for the manufacture of ][ beams. If a steel infill is chosen instead of the horizontal wood infill you will find the corresponding trench sheets here. Steel pipes used for the pipe bracers you will find here.