PU expansion seal

PU seal after installation in the factory

Polyurethane swelling materials are permanently elastic, resistant to aging and weathering after curing. In addition the material is resistant to water, seawater, normal wastewater, mineral oils, as well as numerous acids and alkalis. Depending on the field of application the material has a durability beyond 100 years. The material is physiologically harmless and suitable for use in the drinking water sector.

Technical data




approx. 1.28 g/cm3

Shore A Hardness

approx. 36

Elongation at break

> 500 %

Tensile strength

> 2,5 N/mm2

Increase in volume

approx. 120 %


approx. 1 mm/24 hours

Recommended use

PU expansion seal will be installed into interlocks by the factory.