Our steel can be re-used.

Our steel is efficient.

Our steel is sustainable.

Quality and cost reduction in its most stable form. Used steel from STABAU.

If you are going to rent or buy steel products, then choosing used materials might be a cost-effective solution. Thanks to the unique properties of the steel and often only its short-term use, the quality of the used steel products is not an obstacle to their re-use. Therefore, the decision to utilise used steel always means its sustainable and efficient. In addition, many uses are standardised in a way that hardly any new processing is required. This saves considerable costs.

We offer our advice whenever you need sheet piles (hot rolled/cold formed), trench sheets, beams and tubes. In these cases, the rental of used products is a particularly cost-effective solution. We offer used steel for all construction projects in foundation, road and marine works.

Advantages of using used steel

  • a significant cost reduction compared to the use of new steel products
  • care for the environment due to omitted work steps
  • full reusability
  • quality controlled in stock
  • a wide selection of assortment
  • fast delivery from the STABAU stock

In addition: you also have the option of renting our steel products.

Regardless of the material used - new or used steel: By using the rental solution offered by STABAU you are gaining a high degree of flexibility. Especially for smaller projects. Take advantage of the benefits of low costs, fast delivery times and simple service. More information