We make steel flexible.

The advantages are obvious. High flexibility in order processing, steel fabrication plants within the group to extend our own company’s services, and guaranteed consistently high quality throughout Europe and beyond. With its competence for international major projects STABAU is one of the leading structural steel suppliers.

STABAU Milestones

1997 Reorientation to the current business model. Relocation to Neuburxdorf/Brandenburg.
Initial 7,000 tonnes of steel in stock.

2002 Relocation to Röderland/Brandenburg.

2012 International focus requires the site to be extended to 104.000 m2 of storage space. 40,000 tonnes of steel in stock.

2012 Acquisition of shares in Hirnböck STABAU GmbH. 10,000 tonnes of steel in stock in Austria.

2015 We celebrate our 20-year anniversary.

2016 STABAU UK based in Bishops Stortford is founded.

2017 Division International Projects based in North Rhine-Westphalia is founded.